Robert Penczak

Rob Penczak is a physician turned author and songwriter.  He's also the founder of SavedByScience and one of the original hosts of Road to Reason: A Skeptic’s Guide to the 21st Century, a weekly public access television show that explores the failings of faith as an epistemological system (or way of understanding the world).  Other topics include the harm done by religion; the importance of secularism & separation of church and state; and a broad range of issues on the skeptical front – from ‘alternative medicine’ (read as scientifically groundless quackery); to cognitive bias; to the importance of the scientific method.

With regard to writing, Robert has primarily written fantasy novels - one series entitled Recreation of the Gods and a second called Mythic Dimension  He's also written one Young Adult novel, which tackles the harsh realities of anabolic steroid abuse amongst teens, and a second one (currently being revised), which deals with abusive coaches.  Robert was thrilled to have been taken on by a literary agent who'd worked in the upper echelons of the publishing industry. But that relationship was abruptly terminated when Robert announced his intention to take on a non-fiction project that spoke to what he sees as an unholy alliance between the Religious Right, neo-conservative ideologues, and Machiavellian corporate interests.

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