Rewriting History

On April 18, 2013, at the Byrd Theatre in Richmond, VA, Danny Ben-Moshe (co-producer and co-director) and Dr. Michael Milgraum (attorney, psychologist, and author) presented the documentary Rewriting History.  In the documentary, Professor Dovid Katz examines how the atrocities of the Holocaust have been fading from Lithuanian history with a resurgence of anti-Semitism once again threatening the lives of Lithuanian Jews.  Jay Ipson joined the two guest speakers for a question and answer session. Please visit for more information. 


Never Again. Never Forget. “Zachor.” These words echo through the years following the atrocities of the Holocaust. Sadly, the truth of history is being forgotten, and anti-Semitism is flourishing again in Lithuania. The documentary Rewriting History reminds us that “When heroes are killers, truth becomes the enemy.” In all of Europe, Lithuania has the most extensive demonstrations of neo-Nazism. Lithuanian perpetrators who relocated to the United States have been deported to their homeland and have received a hero’s welcome rather than being prosecuted.

Reporting on the February 16, 2013, neo-Nazi march in Kaunas, Professor Dovid Katz states on his website, “Parade marshals continued to use the white armband as their chosen form of demarcation, evoking memories of the 1941 white armbanders affiliated to the Lithuanian Activist Front and other Hitlerist groups that unleashed the Lithuanian Holocaust, which had the highest percentage of Jews killed of any country with a major Jewish population in all of Holocaust-era Europe. To local Holocaust survivors interviewed over the years, the white armband is even more hurtful than the swastika, evoking the memory of treachery by neighbors with whom there had been excel-lent relations for centuries.” We are living in a time when truth is being blurred by those who would re-write history for their own purposes.